Advances in Biopolymers-2018

Biopolymers are the backbone of life in itself and exploration of its properties in and outside the living system promises to be a stepping stone for a better tomorrow. Human beings have been employing biopolymers for sustenance from times immemorial. Regardless of the day to day applications of biopolymers to the common man, there has been an upsurge of knowledge as to how they can be transferred into substances with ultra-functioning abilities. This has extended its applications to different industries including pharmaceuticals, food, agriculture, cosmetics, textile, printing, biosensor engineering and construction. Behind the art of formulating food and pharmaceutical products with predetermined characteristics and targeting them to specific tissues with utter perfection, biopolymers make up a prolific raw ingredient. Chemical composition, type of bonding, structural orientation and size of the biopolymer are the key variables that determine its functionality. A mere alteration in any one of these factors could result in polymers with different applications. While there is a long list of highly reputed international journals dedicated to biopolymer research, the present conference provides a platform for everyone related to the field to get enlightened regarding the most recent achievements made in this field. Hopefully, the latest aspects of global biopolymer research will be shared in the conference by an extensively diverse group of experts in the country.
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