Sub-Themes 2018
1 Advances in biopolymer Synthesis
2 Characterization of biopolymers
3 Physical, chemical and biological modifications in biopolymers
4 Structure and chemistry of biopolymers
5 Industrial application of biopolymers
6 Nutraceutical properties of biopolymers
7 Micro and nano encapsulation of bioactives using biopolymers as wall materials
8 Biopolymers for food packaging.
9 Functional properties of biopolymers
10 Drug delivery and cosmetic applications
11 Nanomaterials from biopolymers
12 Polymer nanocomposite
13 Biopolymers from microbial and plant origin
14 Other advances in biopolymers
15 Materials Science -magnetic and ferroelectric biomaterials
16 Nanosensors
17 Nanotechnology for environment and energy
18 Nanocatalysis & applications in the chemical industry
19 Electronic structure & Spectroscopic studies of materials
20 Recent advances in Proteins, carbohydrates, Lipids and their derivatives
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